Thank you teacher Inge!

Children from Munyu say thank you for the feeding programme.

Inge Völkl and her colleagues started the project "One Euro for One World".

Since 2004, the Nikolaus Kopernikus Gymnasium in Weißenhorn has been supporting the "feeding programme" at the Academies in Munyu and Athi. There, the children receive breakfast and a warm lunch. 

Religious education teacher Inge Völkl received a great thank-you video from Munyu for her retirement. She really did not expect this.

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Pictures and postcards Munyu

The painter Doris Petrini has already contributed a lot to the support of the children in Munyu during her professional career. Now she is making a large number of paintings and graphics available. 

The Lindenhofschule Senden is organising the sale. All proceeds will go to the association Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe Munyu e.V. (OASA). 

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The computer room is ready!

To make the room safe, a concrete ceiling was installed. The Sheltered Workshops made the furniture. Electricity was previously only available in the small headmaster´s room and in the office. An electricity connection for the PCs had to be installed first.

Mr Gitau from the board of managers installed the computers. Now we can finally work.




School holidays in Kenya shortened

In 2020, schools were closed for eight months. The new school year started on 26 July 2021 after only one week of holidays.

During the lockdown, the pupils of the primary schools in Munyu and in Athi were lucky: their teachers provided them with assignments. So they were able to work at home.

Thank you to everyone who supported us!

With your support we could continue paying the teachers half of their salary.

Corona Update:

Officially, there are hardly any people infected with Corona in Kenya. As of July 18, the Kenyan Ministry of Health reports 192,758 infected, 182,326 recovered, and 3,775 dead people.

---> Ministry of Health:

The number of unreported cases is probably much higher.

Only 2.1% of adults have been vaccinated twice.

Corona is still a taboo subject. Little testing is done, because a test costs about 7,000 KSH. This corresponds to about 70 € - for many people this is a monthly income.

Many people who have symptoms of a cold simply stay at home. So for Kenya, the only option is to still say: We trust in God....

People with disabilities need more space

During the corona-related closure, the workshop managers built a covered outdoor area. The living area in the Sheltered Workshops was extended for this purpose.

Now larger distances can be kept.


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Computer classes at the academies soon?

The academies in Munyu and Athi want to start teaching IT. The Kenyan curricula also earmark for this. Some teachers have been trained in Information Communication Technology - ICT.

But there is a lack of: electricity in the PC room, school furniture, laptops and the corresponding software.

We want to make sure that the tables and chairs are built in the Sheltered Workshops. We are still looking for solutions concerning the procurement of the equipment.

Hope and Faith for Baraka

Baraka has been severely disabled since he was born. His left leg is crippled. Now he has had surgery at the Kijabe Hospital in Naivasha to straighten the bent bones. Marion Karimi from the Hope and Faith Children's Home was with him in the hospital for a week.

The down payment for the operation was 80,000 KES, which is around € 800. The settlement of the actual costs is still pending. His left leg is shortened but we hope he can walk properly soon. Baraka certainly needs more operations and physiotherapy.

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Difficult times...

Since the beginning of 2021, the work in the Sheltered Workshops has become very difficult. The Benjamin Foundation Netherlands - main sponsor for the running costs of the workshops - has dropped out.

But the school management and the parents want to keep the facility going.

Now savings must be made. Some employees had to be fired. But the workshops remain. They have to contribute more to the upkeep of the facility.

Finally new toilets in Athi

For years there were problems with the toilets at the St. Michael Catholic Academy: The 4 latrines for over 300 students and teachers were in completely desolate conditions! So the official registration of the school was not possible.

Our employees James Gichuru and Hubert Senger meet regularly with headmistress Ann Wanjiru and Peter Njuguna. The retired headmaster and schools inspector made sure that the toilets waere completed.

Now the new building with the toilets was put into operation and inaugurated.

A big step forward!