Woodwork is already busy

The Maria Magdalena Sheltered Workshops are back in operation.

The wood workshop produces school desks for a primary school in the neighborhood.

The workshop manager and all employees with disabilities must wear masks. But everyone is happy that they can work again.

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Schools open again

All schools in Kenya were closed for 9 months.

Now the children in Munyu and Athi are happy that they can learn again.

Everyone must wear masks, wash hands, and keep their distance.

With your donation you make the children in the orphanage happy!

The orphanage is fighting for survival - but there is also hope: organic farming and a wonder garden.

In the past, Kenyan benefactors repeatedly supported the orphanage. Now the manager Marion Karimi doesn't know how to survive for the next six months. 

But the new farm project is a great success.

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Education is so important!

In Advent, the religious education teachers at the local High School in Weißenhorn called for donations for Munyu. We are happy that students from the Nikolaus Kopernikus Gymnasium support school children in Munyu!

The donations go directly to the schools in Munyu and Athi.

Self-help in the orphanage

Hope and Faith's children love working on the farm. Their fine motor skills and social skills improve. They are more balanced and at night they can sleep much more peacefully.

For the children who need a wheelchair, Marion's team has created a "wonder garden". Here they can plant, fertilize, water and harvest their plants on a raised bed.

Marion Karimi gives more information in her report on the "organic farming project".

Engineers withour borders help

The Ulm branch of Engineers Without Borders (Ingenieure ohne Grenzen IoG) has been working on improving the infrastructure of the Sheltered Workshops since 2017:

The workshops need enough drinking water and water for horticulture as well as a safe disposal of the waste water.

The IoG Group is currently planning the wastewater disposal.

Mathias and Nadine actually wanted to visit Kenya again to advance the planning. But due to Corona this is not possible. So the contact takes place via video conferences.

A great help for the Sheltered Workshops!

Water is life!

In 2014/2015 the company Maji Africa drilled the well in the Sheltered Workshops. But in October the pump of the well had a technical breakdown.

The pump that hangs at the end of the 110m pipeline was removed and equipped with a new motor. Then everything was installed again and at noon water came out of all taps again.

The school principal Peter Syanda, his deputy James Jumah and the chairman of the school management Lawrence Muthumbi are very grateful for financing this important repair.

Now a reserve fund for repairs is established.

Cautious school opening

Only children in the 4th and 8th grades have been allowed to go to school since the end of October. They are really happy.

At the Academy Munyu, lines were drawn on the floor. The tables were moved apart so that the spacing rules can be observed.

According to the Ministry of Education, the other classes should follow "very soon". But that will probably only be the case in January.

Schools are suppoed to open again

All schools in Kenya were closed from March to October. 

Before the opening, the Munyu Academy had to draw up a hygiene concept like all schools.

The Sheltered Workshops team built foot-operated washbasins for the Academy. A big step forward.

Soap is also provided. The liquid soap comes from the blue barrel.