Organic farming at Hope and Faith

The children in wheelchairs are allowed to plant vegetables.

Marion Karimi created raised beds with her children. Now the children who sit in wheelchairs can plant, water, fertilize and harvest vegetables.

The children are very excited ...

„God has sent you OASA people” in this time of serious challenges!

Marion had to spend a few days in hospital with a child. A bacterial infection in the blood had caused constant epileptic seizures and partial paralysis.

The boy is doing better now. After returning from hospital, he first had to spend some time in isolation at the home, for the safety of the other 41 children.

Thank you letters from Athi und Munyu

We recently received letters from both schools expressing their great gratitude. The teachers provide their students with schoolwork, also via whatsapp.

We hear from parents that the supply of schoolwork works well and is an important help for the families.

Your help is therefore still necessary and continues to benefit the schools directly. Many Thanks!

Schools are closed until the end of the year

Now it is certain: all schools in Kenya may not reopen until January 2021 at the earliest. And only if the infection allows it.

The current school year will be completely canceled and all students will have to repeat the year.

Report about Anne Wanjiru on Kenyan television

Ann Wanjiru is disabled. She was a trainee in the Sheltered Workshops. Now she is at home and wants to work.

The Kenyan television KBC Channel 1 reports on the problems of people with disabilities during Corona.

Here is the report on KBC...

Looking for supporters in the Donau Ries area in Southern Germany


We are happy that the local newspaper Rieser Nachrichten is interested in our association.

We hope to inform many people in the Donau Ries district about the difficult situation in Munyu and Kenya.

Giving something back

With this motto, the 2019 high school graduates of the Nikolaus-Kopernikus-Gymnasium donated to various school associations. We say thank you for a donation of 1,500 €!

It is not a matter of course that former students remember Munyu after graduating from their high school. The students donated the surplus of their Abitur funds to OASA.

The pupils collected the money during their two last years at high school. In order to finance the Abitur ball they organized various events, cake sales or a stand at the local Christmas market.

Thanks a lot to all former students for your generous support!

Corona virus paralyses the whole country

While the summer holidays have started almost everywhere in Germany and you sometimes get the impression that the corona pandemic is almost over, the situation in Kenya is still very dramatic.

Officially, around 16,000 cases and around 600 new infections per day were reported at the end of July. Around 5000 tests are done every day. The extent to which these figures correspond to reality remains to be seen.

Fair trade shop sells jewelry and cloth bags from Munyu

The world shop in Weißenhorn now sells beautiful bracelets and necklaces. You can buy nice bags and aprons with African patterns. They were made in the Creative Arts Department of the Maria Magdalena Sheltered Workshops.

--> click on the picture ...

The proceeds go directly to the Sheltered Workshops. Help yourself!

Weltladen Weißenhorn, Hauptstrasse 24, 89264 Weißenhorn

Opening times:

Mon - Sat 9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

and Tue - Fri 2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Artisan Julius installs railings

The metal workshop made railings, bars and gates for the Watoto Wenje Ngufu orphanage. The parts were all delivered to the orphanage and Julius started the installation.

However, he was not allowed to go back to Munyu that evening because the facility is in a different district.

Julius had to rent a room and had to live there until all the work was done.

Everyone hopes that restrictions in the Greater Nairobi district will end soon.