The work on the farm continues

The employees with disabilitiers still have to stay at home. That is why the life assistants Salim, Emmanuel and Kennedy work on the farm.

They help farm manager William to look after the cows and chickens, and they work in the greenhouse and on the vegetable fields.

Creative Arts: Masks instead of jewelry production

Mary usually guides the trainees with disabilities in making jewelry. Or she tailors overalls and other work clothes for the employees of the Sheltered Workshops.

Now she sews masks. They are distributed to all employees. The persons with disabilities also get masks. The rest is sold.

Children collect for Munyu

Maria and Larissa sell self-made things, children's books and crime novels.

They want to support the children of the orphanage Hope and Faith. They have great fun in selling.

Neighbors, passers-by and friends are very generous and donate for the orphanage.

As a small thank you everyone gets a nice stone.


Delicious jam with pineapple and mango

The chefs at the small Café Lindenhof have learned to cook delicious pineapple jam. The recipe is also great for mango jam!

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Hope and Faith

Marion Karimi runs the orphanage Hope and Faith.

Even during the Corona crisis Marion receives calls from government agencies. She is then asked to take in a child and has custody.

She does not get any support from the state. Hope and Faith also has to pay the employees themselves.

We support the orphanage with the costs for personnel.

Academy Munyu

The children have to stay at home until the beginning of September.

The school plans to work with computers in future. All children should be able to learn the basics.

There are plans for a computer room in the school building. A ceiling made of concrete has been installed, so that the room is safe. But electricity is still missing.

So there are some obstacles that have to be overcome.

Artisan Stephen cannot come to work

The carpenter and workshop manager Stephen lives in Kilimambogo, only about 10 km from the Sheltered Workshops.

He lives outside the Greater Nairobi District.

Because of the curfew, he is not allowed to go to work.

What to do with waste?

Since 2018, many efforts have been made in the workshops for the disabled to properly dispose of the waste.

Now garbage is separated. There are bins for compost, recycling and incineration.

With the help of Hubert Senger, a furnace was built for the incineration of the residual waste.

Student interview about Munyu

Pupils of a 6th grade of the Nikolaus Kopernikus Gymnasium in Weissenhorn did an interview with our second chairlady Margit Döring.

David Werner, a former student, completed the interview and provided it with many pictures.

Academy Munyu

We made sure that the teachers in Munyu no longer have to work on an old table tennis table.

Now the teachers can work at their desks in the staff room.

Costs: 1 table: € 60, 1 teacher's table with shelf: € 90, total requirement: € 1,620.

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