Donation from Dirgenheim Passion theatre group

We are very happy that we got a donation from the Passionsspielgruppe Dirgenheim this year. Every two or three years, passion plays take place in the small village of Dirgenheim on the edge of the Danube-Ries.

Artists at the Maria Magdalens Sheltered Workshops

Frasia, Godfrey, Moses, Nelson, Stanley, Wilson and Winfred live and work in the Maria Magdalena Sheltered Workshops. In their pictures they draw for us. They show us what activities they perform every day in their workshops. In this way they say thank you for the great support from Germany. We think it is a great idea!

No real rainy season!

In April, May and June there was not enough rain this year. At the beginning of the rainy season, people planted corn in Munyu, but almost everything dried up without rain.

Only families who have a rainwater reservoir can water their vegetables. They hope the water will last until the next rainy season in October.

For Maria Magdalena Special School, this means that basic food like unga and sukumaweeki get more expensive every day. But who will come up for the deficit? Help us!

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A container becomes a living space

In Mary Magdalena Sheltered Workshops there is always a teacher on duty. For this purpose, a container has now been transfered into a house with a small meeting room and some space for the teacher on duty.

Here you can see the trainees at their morning assembly.

The chips and dust extraction system is working again!

Workshop leader Julius was able to repair the extraction system for wood chips and saw dust.

The fan wheel was broken. We were able to get the spare parts from a manufacturer in Germany free of charge. A visitor brought the new fan wheel to Muinyu and it was installed immediately.

Good work!


The hoteli team of Maria Magdalena Sheltered Workshops has baked special Valentine Cakes. They are sold for 50 Bob each.

What a pity! An export to Germany is not possible...

Kristina Kenyatta Pratt

Kristina Kenyatta Pratt, the Kenyan President`s sister came to Munyu - a great honor! She is the patron of the NFDK (National Association of Handicapped Kenyans). She came in April 2018, for the official handover of the new dormitories.

In 2018, we provided € 14,000 for Maria Magdalena Special School to cover the operating deficit. And we also partly funded the new dorms.

United Nations Day

The United Nations Day for Persons with Disabilities took place on December 3rd. 2018 on the grounds of the Sheltered Workshops.

More than 500 visitors came to Gatuanyaga. Large tents were set up.

The restaurant Café Lindenhof provided food for the visitors.

It was a very successful celebration and a good opportunity to raise awareness in the population.


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New headmaster

Maria Magdalena Special School and Sheltered Workshops has a new headmaster.

Mr Syanda has been working at both facilities since July. He stood up at the Ministry of Education for more teachers for the Sheltered Workshops. Now there are three teachers working in turns. There is always a teacher who takes care of the people with disabilities, even on weekends.