Gathanji Water & Mixed Farming Self Help Group

In 2009 we supported a group of farmers with Bonifaz Muthioka as chairman in setting up the production of sweet potatoes.


The group is made up of farmers who, in addition to their own land, cultivate a piece of land together.

Under the guidance of the Ministry of Agriculture, they grow sweet potatoes biologically.

The cultivation of sweet potatoes is much better than the traditional cultivation of corn. Sweet potatoes do not need a lot of water. With sweet potatoes you can generate good harvests and get a good income.

The rainy seasons are often short or there is no rain at all. This is a big problem for the farmers in Gathanji. Therefore, they decided to build a large water reservoir for the common piece of land.

We financed the dam for the storage of rain water.

The stones can be further processed into building stones and sold. Thus, more dams for water storage can be built.

The group has an important pioneering role for Munyu. They also provide information about organic farming of sweet potatoes for other farmers.