Become a godfather

How can you help?

Sponsor a disabled child of the Maria Magdalena Special School!

Many students come from poor families and their parents cannot afford the school fees.

How do you become godfather?

agree upon a sponsorship

  • with only 25, - € per month you make sure that a handicapped child can go to Maria Magdalena Special School!

agree upon a partial sponsorship

  • with only 10, - € per month you support the school attendance of a handicapped child in the Maria Magdalena Special School!

application form for taking over a sponsorship

How is your donation used?

Your donation will be used for meals, accommodation, school supplies, care and support of a child at Maria Magdalena Special School.

With your financial support, you secure a place for a student in this school.

The school runs agriculture, a chicken project and a corn mill. With your help, the school can expand its own sources of income.