How can you help?

Support our work with a donation! All funds are checked by our employees in Kenya. So we make sure that no money is wasted. Your donation really reaches where you want to help.

All our members are all volunteers. We finance our administrative costs with our membership fees.

Safety for workers - Help us!

Great efforts are being made in the sheltered workshops to improve work safety. Safety at work is underdeveloped in many parts of Kenya. We want to change that! Our goal is to raise awareness among all workers about work safety and health.

We need safety glasses, welding goggles, work gloves, ear protection, overalls, work coats and especially protective shoes.

Help us to make the work in Maria Magdalena Sheltered Workshops really safe!

Desks for the Academy Munyu

With the help of donors, we were able to purchase tables and chairs for the Academy students. But the teachers only had an old table tennis table in the staff room.

Some desks for the Academy Munyu staff room have now been made.

All school furniture was manufactured in the sheltered workshops and delivered directly to the Academy.

Help us finance the chairs and desks!

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Help us!

with a project donation

  • for the construction of workshops for people with disabilities in Gatuanyaga
  • for the completion and equipment of the primary schools in Munyu and Athi
  • for the provision of two daily meals in the nurseries and schools (feeding programmes)
  • for a current project that is not yet fully funded
  • for start-up capital for a group of people who want to implement their business idea and stand on their own two  feet

through a party or an event

  • help us collect donations! Inform friends, colleagues, employees, students and parents!
  • have a party, renounce gifts and tell your guests to sponsor a project in Munyu!
  • organize a sponsoring run in your facility!
  • donate the receipts of an event!
  • make a raffle for Munyu!
  • bake cakes for a party and donate the proceeds to Munyu!

Our donations account

Verein Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe Munyu / Kenia e.V
Hypovereinsbank Weißenhorn
IBAN:   DE38630200860310909815

The organization Verein Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe Munyu/Kenia e.V. is a non-profit organization which is recognized by the German tax authorities. Donations and membership fees are tax deductible!