Our advisory council

Hubert Senger, Munyu

Our man on the ground in Kenya. He lives in Munyu with his wife Hanna and his 4 children.

He manages and supervises our projects. He attends our meetings in Germany through Skype.

Stephanie Brünig, Ulm

Headteacher at a primary school near Ulm.

She is particularly involved in schools.

Christiane Döring, Weißenhorn

AGADUGU design and marketing consultant. She supports our association with our homepage, with flyers and in public relations.

Wolfgang Döring, Weißenhorn

Founding member since 2001. He is biologist and specialist in savety at work.

He is engaged in water supply and waste water management. His concern is the safety of workers at the Maria Magdalena Sheltered Workshops.

Matthias Düffert, Weißenhorn 

Headmaster of the Lindenhof Schule LPZ Senden. He advises Maria Magdalena Special School in the sector of special needs education. He is concerned with the construction of Maria Magdalena Sheltered Workshops for people with disabilities.

Dierk Nülle, Ulm 

Former head of the Building Department in Ulm. Together with our partners he is responsible for the planning of the workshops in Gatuanyaga. He draws up planning concepts, plans for living areas and workshops. He discusses the results with the committees on site.

Arthur Senger, Bidingen

Technician. He takes care of our construction projects and always finds excellent solutions for technical problems  in Munyu.

Stefanie Senser, München

She supports us since her first visit to Munyu.

Walter Ziegler, Augsburg

Retired headmaster. He is the former treasurer of our organization an our Old Man.

He gives advice on strategy issues and on the distribution of our funds.