Academy Munyu

Why is another new school needed?

The parents and the Catholic Parish in Munyu have been asking us for a long time if we can help to build a new primary school. We built Mary Magdalene Academy together because we think, that the children must get quality education which is affordable for the parents.



School closure

The children of the Academy must stay at home until further notice.

Big plans despite Corona crisis

The school wants the children to work with computers. In future the pupils should learn the basics in dealing with a computer.

The school building has already got a computer room. By now, a ceiling has been installed so that the room is safe.

But there are still a few obstacles to be overcome: A power connection must be installed. So far, electricity is only available in the headmaster's small office and in the secretariat. In addition, furniture is needed and computers have to be purchased. At the same time, the school must also develop a concept of how and what is taught and how the PCs are maintained.

A big task.

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Exams at the Munyu Academy

In 2018 the school building, the sanitary facilities and the school kitchen were checked and approved by the school autorities. Now the Academy is finally registered. The first students of grade 8 were able to do their final exams in 2018. And they did very well.

With a good KCPE (Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education) a student cango to a secondary school.

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Desks for teachers instead of an old table tennis table

Some desks for the staff room of Munyu Academy have already been produced. Previously, teachers had to work on an old table tennis table in the staff room.

The tables are produced in the sheltered workshops and delivered directly to the Academy.

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Learning without school furniture? That's part of the past!

Noe the new primary school in Munyu has got enough chairs and tables!

Thanks to the support of numerous donors, we were able to commission the production of chairs and tables for the growing number of students: every child of the Mary Magdalene Academy now has his own table and chair The teachers have enough work space to work well.

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People with disabilities manufacture school furniture

With our donations, the workers in Maria Magdalena Sheltered Wood and Metal Workshops were able to produce school furniture for the Academy in Munyu.

They produced tables and chairs and lockers. Desks for teachers were made, too. 

Both institutions have benefited from our help.

How is the school developing?

In January 2011 we started building Munyu primary school. Before that time there was only a kindergarden with three nursery groups in an old church building. 

In 2012, the old church building was expanded with four classrooms. In 2014, four more classrooms upstairs and an "administration block" were created.

Who participates?

The parents removed the soil for the foundations and leveled the school grounds.

They often help with a lot of the work.


In 2015, a new toilet system was put into operation. The former toilet house had become far too small for more than 200 children.

The handicapped people of the Maria Magdalena Sheltered Workshops also participated in the construction. In the wood and metal workshop, they produced school furniture, railings, window frames and doors.

Opening of the Academy

With great enthusiasm we celebrated the inauguration of the school in August 2016 with Cardinal Cardinal John Njue from Nairobi.

The classes are doing very well in comparison tests. In Kenya, primary schools end up with the KCPA (Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education) an exam after grade 8. It corresponds to the German Hauptschulabschluss.

The feeding programme

We have been sponsoring the school meals for many years. We want the children of the Mary Magdalene Academy get a daily breakfast and a warm lunch. Nobody can learn well when he is hungry.

The parents contribute by providing firewood and some money.

What's next?

The community of Munyu was unable to finance the construction of the school. So during the first years we financed the construction of the school building. We continue to support the school with equipment and maintenance.

Over time, the school should be able to manage itself through moderate school fees.

We need your help!

In the next few years, the old school building has to be renovated urgently, and the kitchen must be adapted to hygienic standards. Also school materials and equipment of the playground is needed.

Help the children in Munyu!

What have we done so far?

The nursery building in Munyu originally had been built as a church. Since 1989, the building is used as a nursery.

So far we have supported the following projects of Maria Magdalene Academy:

  • Renovation of the broken roof of the old church 
  • Installation of larger windows and doors
  • Subdivision and renovation of the rooms
  • Attachment of a simple kitchen
  • Procurement of mattresses for the afternoon nap in ursery section

  • Upgrading of the sanitary facilities for 50 children, later for 300 children
  • Completion of the school building, basic furniture, construction of an office block
  • Equipment with tables and chairs, built by the Maria Magdalena Special School