St.Lucy women group

In Munyu there are several well organized small Christian communities - women's groups in which women help each other.


No group meetings possible

Due to the Corona rules, the women's group is also not allowed to meet. The members exchange information via cell phone. They help each other if a member needs help.


St. Lucy women group started in 2004 with the purchase of 50 chairs, we donated another 50 chairs.

In 2010, the group received a donation of 80,000 KSH (about 800 €) for a tent.


In 2018, the group received 40,000 KSH

(about 400 €) for chairs.

Meanwhile, the group has got 200 chairs and one tent for 50 and another one for 100 people.

The women lend the chairs at funerals and weddings.

In addition, the women also provide tea and food when it is needed.

The chairlady Grace Wajiru is proud, because the profit which the group has made is distributed to all members:

In 2017 each member got a water tank and a mattress as a Christmas present.

Each woman now has her own water storage tank, with which she can collect rainwater from the gutters.

In addition, the 25 women of St. Lucy also have their own savings bank. They operate their own little table banking bank. Each member pays 500 KSH per month, which is about € 5.00. If necessary, a member can receive a small loan from the group.

The loan is refunded with a 10% interest rate.

At a commercial bank, none of the women would get a loan, because none of them has got any collaterals.

The loans are usually used to open a small business, such as a barber or vegetable shop. Sometimes, when there is no money in the house, the loan is needed to pay school fees for the children.


During a visit in October 2018, the women explained how they work together.

Everything is precisely regulated and the tasks are distributed to all members.

Together we cooked pineapple and strawberry marmalade. Jam is only available in supermarkets and it is very expensive.

Depending on the season, there are plenty of pineapples or mangoes. Conservation would be a good ides.

There was no problem cutting the pineapples. But glasses had to be sterilized, a challenge if you do it on the open fire.

Maybe there is a new sort of business, the production of jam?

Small start-up financing often has a lot of impact - you can do a lot with little resources.