Our concept

Helping people to help themselves

  • We help people to help themselves by supporting educational projects from kindergarten to working life. Aspects of economy and ecology are always taken into account.
  • We are intensively committed to the sustainability of our projects and the personal responsibility of our partners.
  • We are extremely responsible with the donations and subsidies made available to us.

Community projects

  • We have a reliable "local man" who coordinates our projects, keeps us informed about their progress at all times and mediates between us and our Kenyan partners.
  • We stand for transparency and provide comprehensive information about our work in Kenya and Germany.
  • We place special emphasis on supporting projects for people with disabilities.
  • We only support community projects, we do not support individuals.

Our philosophy

With self-help on our main focus, our work is not the same as commercial development aid. We support good ideas to make them grow and be put into practice.

We know that the people in Munyu are able to develop creative ideas which can improve their lives and their environment. The only problem is that they often lack the ability to implement great ideas.

In our first project we built water reservoirs to prevent flooding and to store rain water together.



Our way of working

We work together with our partners in Munyu personally and without salary. Our board members visit the projects regularly and so we have a personal connection to our project partners.

Our most important partner on the spot is Hubert Senger. He is the link between Germany and Kenya. As the most important communication partner, he devotes a large part of his time to projects. Grown up in the Allgäu, he moved to Munyu at the end of 2007 to start his own family there.

Not only in everyday life in the village community, but also in the planning of the projects, he always remains at eye level.

Our sponsors

Some schools, fair trade shops and associations have been in partnership with us for a long time. They support us regularly. Our association mediates between project partners in Kenya and the sponsors in Germany.

Schools in particular support us with many creative projects and activities.

In addition to donations, we also get letters from German pupils for students in Munyu. Our members deliver them personally during their visits.

Ideas for school projects

When we give presentations or have discussions in Germany, we encounter exciting questions that we are happy to answer. We are pleased to contribute to a learning process that trains curiosity, openness, tolerance and responsibility.

Our statutes

§ 2 Purpose of the association

The purpose of the association is to promote self-help projects in Munyu/Kenya in the fields of health, education, agriculture, farming, energy supply and the creation of jobs. Furthermore the association promotes international understanding and the exchange of cultural values.