Maria Magdalena Sheltered Workshops

Our aim

After school the adult students with disabilities should live in Gatuanyaga as independently as possible. They can work in agriculture or in other different workshops. So they can contribute to their living.

Safety at work: Help us!

We strive hard to improve the safety at work in the sheltered workshops.  Employment protection is underdeveloped in many parts of Kenya. We want to change that! Our goal is to raise awareness among all workers about the importance of safety and health at work.

We need safety goggles, welding goggles, work gloves, ear protection, overalls, work coats and especially protective shoes. We also want to improve machines and equipment like the exhaustion systems in the woodworkshop.

We need your support for the necessary resources!

Here you can help...

How do the adults with disabilities live?

Our association has provided funds for the construction of accommodation. In January 2014, the first group of young adults with disabilities was able to move in. Now over 40 people with different disabilities and their life assistants live there.

The young adults are proud that they can now live independently in Gatuanyaga. With the help of social workers, they learn to organize themselves and take over activities in the household.

The Benjamin Foundation from the Netherlands gives benefits to the running costs.

Why do we need workshops?

Many of the young people with disabilities have no opportunities in the private sector. For them, a special environment in which they can live and work is needed. With their work they contribute to their living.

How do the adults with disabilities work?

James Jumah, deputy headmaster of the Special School is in charge for monitoring and educational guidance. The residents work in workshops with an artisan or a workshop manager. They produce different goods, e.g. in the wood workshop they produce furniture like tables, desks, wardrobes and chairs for schools.

Agriculture and horticulture

Agriculture has been gradually improved with a large water reservoir, a well and a drip irrigation system. As a result, earnings increased significantly. The vegetables are prepared in the kitchen of the Special School and Sheltered Workshops. Surpluses are sold on the local market.

Metal workshop

In the metal workshop people with disabilities make doors, gates, window frames and balcony railings for the local market.

We want to improve the safety at work in all the workshops.

Wood workshop

The wood workshop produces school furniture, such as tables, chairs and cabinets for the newly built school in Munyu and for private clients.

Through donations in 2017, we were able to send a container with woodworking machines to Munyu. Now the woodworkshop can work professionally.

In 2029 they procuced more than 200 chairs and desks for local schools.

Concrete workshop

In this workshop people with disabilities produce stones for ventilation.

These stones are built into new homes to get in fresh air. The artisan builds the molds and the trainees learn how to produce the stones.

Ventilations sell well on the local market.

Café Lindenhof

On the site of the Sheltered Workshops there is a small restaurant, the "Cafe Lindenhof". Here, the persons with disabilities sell food and drinks. The café is situated close to Garissa Road, the main road.

Typical Kenyan food like mandazi, chapati and chai is served and customers come from early in the morning until late in the evening. Recently there is even pizza being served on Fridays.

How will it go on?

Together with our Kenyan partners, we have prepared a development concept for the entire site, with housing units for the disabled, a leisure area, a guest house, different workshops, the agricultural area and the Café Lindenhof.

A large hall for assemblies is to be built. More workshops will be built in the next few years.

The living area also needs to be enlarged and must be adapted to the needs of disabled people.

How can we do that?

Help us!

We need your donations in order to put this trendsetting model project into practice.

Your donation will help young people with disabilities in Kenya have a future!

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