About us

The organization

OASA was founded in 2001 and now has over 80 members. The aim is to support people in the small community of Munyu in Kenya. The idea of self-help is very important for our organization. We support projects where our partners in Kenya are active and also contribute their own share. We pay special attention to sustainability.


We want the projects to be and remain permanent. Our board in Germany works completely voluntarily. In Kenya, we employ some people who take care of the projects. Because no one in Kenya can pronounce our name, we have found a translation of our name: OASA, organization for the assistance in self-help activities.

The OASA board

The board

1st Chairman: Klaus-Peter Brünig

Schools inspector for special needs education. He coordinates our actions and maintains contact with many organizations who support us. He has a suit in Kenya, which he puts on when he is in official negotiations for OASA.

2nd Chairlady: Margit Döring

Founding member and 2nd chairperson since 2001, former secondary school teacher at the Elly-Heuss-Realschule Ulm. She was in Munyu first in 1995, gives lectures, likes to organize activities in schools and works in public relations.

Treasurer: Matthias Trautner

Teacher for special needs education in Marktoberdorf, is very though in keeping the accounts.

He makes sure that the expenses are accurately recorded and that the donations arrive where they are needed.

Secretary: Werner Kurz

Lawyer in Ulm, writes down the minutes, scrutinizes resolutions and remembers all details of our decisions.

Verena Obel, Augsburg

Secondary school teacher, supports our association since a 3-month internship at Maria Magdalena Special School for children with disabilities.

She works in public relations.

The advisory council

In addition to the board there is an advisory council. The members also work actively in the organization.

The advisory council