Hope and Faith

In the remote region of Athi near Juja Farm there is a children's home for children with severe and multiple disabilities: Hope and Faith.

The director of the institution is Marion Kimani. She looks after the children and cares for them with great love.


All children in the facility have several severe physical and often mental disabilities.


Most of them must be fed and need diapers. Many of them cannot walk and need a wheelchair.

Some can attend the local school despite their physical disabilities.


They were abandoned by their families or simply left behind in the hospital after birth.


Some were found in a ditch near a road.


In Kenya, a child with disabilities is often considered a curse for the family and so it is abandoned or it is even killed.

Parents kill their child because it has got disabilities.


Marion fights against this widespread superstition.


When a child with serious disabilities is found, Marion usually gets a call from the Kenyan Youth Welfare Office asking if she can accept that child.

Hope and Faith is registered with the Government of Kenya. After the formalities are clarified, Marion takes custody of the child.


The state officials bring the unloved children to her. However, she receives no subsidies from the Kenyan state. 

Marion has some supporters in Kenya who help her to alleviate the bad conditions.


More than 40 children sleep in a dorm with a housemother.

We have tried to help because there were not enough beds: New bed frames for Hope and Faith were made by Maria Magdalena Sheltered Workshops.


Hope and Faith lacks many things: The buildings and sanitatary facilities are far too small and in poor condition.

The whole laundry has to be washed by hand.



Hope and Faith urgently needs a new hut for cooking with a decent sink and a proper stove.


The property of the facility is tiny.

Thanks to a big donation from a family from the Allgäu, we can help Marion: 

Hope and Faith can finally buy the adjoining property.


Marion Kimani continues searching for supporters.


She wants the children with disabilities to have a real home.

Help us to give these disadvantaged children a chance!