OASA in Kenya

In Kenya nobody can pronounce our name Verein Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe Munyu/Kenia, so we have found a corresponding translation:

OASA, Organization for the Assistance in Self-help Activities 

We work personally and voluntarily

We help people to help themselves by supporting educational projects from kindergarten to working life. Aspects of economy and ecology are always taken into account.

We are intensively committed to the sustainability of our projects and the personal responsibility of our partners.

We cooperate with partners in Munyu and Athi

We place special emphasis on promoting projects that support people with intellectual and physical disabilities.

We only support community projects, we do not support individuals.

Kenian visitors in Germany from 15.11. – 6.12.2019

We managed to invite two important partners to Germany. Peter Syanda is the principal of the Maria Magdalena Special School and Sheltered Workshops. Moses Muchiri is a teacher in the Sheltered Workshops.

In Germany Peter Syanda and Moses Muchiri were very impressed. They visited many facilities for disabled persons. There they could experience, how professionals work with people with disabilities.

A visit to some schools was also on the programme. They spent a week in the Allgäu and two weeks around Ulm and Neu-Ulm.

Peter and Moses enjoyed a unique tour of the Roggenburg Monastery through Father Roman Loschinger, the director of the education center.

At the weekend they visited the Christmas market in Ulm and climbed the tower of the Ulm cathedral.

During a retreat weekend they met the board and advisory board of the association.

In Munyu there are many hard-working people who support us very much.

Hubert Senger from Bidingen near Marktoberdorf manages and coordinates the projects on site with great dedication. He lives in Munyu together with his family.

His main focus is on the development of the Maria Magdalena Sheltered Workshops.

He is our main representative in Munyu and corresponds to our meetings with skype conferences.

James Gichuru Njenga works for us as social worker in Munyu. He coordinates the projects of the Academies in Athi and Munyu.

With our support he completed his studies as a social worker at Mount Kenya University with very good results.

Peter Syanda is headmaster of Maria Magdalena Special School since 2018. He is also director of the Maria Magdalena Sheltered Workshops in Gatuanyaga.

He has quickly become very familiar with the institutions. He is particularly involved in advancing the workshops for people with disabilities.


James Jumah, Deputy Principal. He is responsible for the Maria Magdalena Sheltered Workshops, for vocational training, agriculture and horticulture.

We are in exchange with the teachers of Maria Magdalena Special School and Sheltered Workshops. We were able to invite some of them to Germany, where they visited schools and institutions for people with disabilities.

Nancy Ireri works in the Maria Magdalena Sheltered Workshops. She teaches young adults with disabilities.

In addition, Nancy also takes care of MAMAPA, the parents' representative group of the school and the workshops.

She organizes regular meetings and discusses worries and needs with the parents' representatives.

During the corona crisis, Nancy also makes house calls to support her trainees.

Father Anthony Njuguna, the parish priest of Munyu coordinates parish projects. He is a member of the BOM (Board of Management) of the Academy Munyu.

Gabriel Njurie Makumi unfortunately died in October 2018 after a serious illness.

As a retired engineer he supervised the construction of the trenches and water reservoirs in Gatuanyaga.

We miss a very competent dialogue partner!

Father Robet Kaiza is a member of the Marianhill Congregation at Juja Farm and a talented organizer. He is responsible for the parish of Athi.

His biggest concern is good education for the children in the remote community of Athi.

Peter Njuguna is a retired headmaster and school councillor.

He supervises and coordinates the construction of St. Michael Academy in Athi with a lot of commitment and with great success. He puts all his heart and soul into this primary school.