Ideas for campaigns

There are many ways to raise funds for our organization. The ideas are often unique. We thank our donors for all the work and for the great commitment! Above all, the schools have been very creative.



We support your campaign!

We like to come to your school or institution. It is our concern to inform young people about life in Munyu, Kenya. We often come across exciting questions that we are happy to answer.

We are happy to contribute in this way to a learning process that trains curiosity, openness, tolerance and responsibility.

Examples of projects in schools and institutions

  • Students bake cakes for Munyu and Athi
  • The students sell self-cooked African food at an Africa festival
  • Pupils spend 1, - € of their pocket money each month for the feeding programme in Munyu and Athi

  • Pupils sell self-made things on a school bazaar

  • Pupils donate the income of a school party
  • The school organizes a sponsoring run
  • The students carry water like kids do in Africa



  • A member of our association gives information about the projects in Munyu and Athi

  • The school choir organizes a concert and donates the gains
  • Pupils organize a flea market or raffle

Example of a school project

On the initiative of their teacher, the pupils of a primary school repeatedly dealt with the topic of Africa for one school year. Our chairman visited the school twice to give lectures to the children about Munyu.

The children collected more than 1000, - € with different projects.

At the end of the term they had a big party. They were very proud to give us a big donation.

We support you!

We like to come to your institution! We support you in class, at a party or during a project. We give lectures and inform you about our projects.

Support is available on request

  • for projects
  • on topics such as water or food
  • to organize a sponsoring run, a school party or a special day with information about Africa

Our statutes

§ 2 Purpose of the association

The purpose of the association is to promote self-help projects in Munyu / Kenya in the areas of health, education, land management, energy procurement and job creation. Furthermore, the purpose of the association is international understanding and the exchange of cultural values.