Campaigns for Munyu

Since the foundation of our association there have been many creative projects.

We thank all our supporters! Without them, we would not be able to carry out the projects together with our Kenyan partners. We are especially thankful for the help during the Corona pandemic.


On this page we report about our supporters.

We look forward to your feedback!



December 2020 - One Euro for one world

With this title, the teachers of religious education at the Nikolaus Kopernikus Gymnasium in Weissenhorn have launched a fundraising campaign: School children donate one Euro once a month to finance the nursery meals and school meals in Munyu.

Because of the corona pandemic, the campaign was suspended for the time being. But the teachers did not give up. They launched a big fundraising campaign before Christmas.

Thank you very much for the enormous commitment to all students and teachers!


November 2020 - Supporters from Bidingen

This year the supporters could not make a sale with 'Bidinger-Laible' - a special sort of German Christmas cookies. So they called for donations for projects in Munyu. They were able to collect a proud sum of € 3,150.

A great sign of the longstanding bond with Hubert Senger in Kenya!

May God bless you!

November 2020 - Astrid-Lindgren-Schule in Kempten

The school arranges a fundraising campaign for Hope & Faith. The school's bazaar team and companies from Kempten and the Oberallgäu donate € 750.

Thank you very much!


October 2020 - Birthday presents

For his 50th birthday, our treasurer Matthias Trautner asked for support for a possible (tree) project in Athi. Friends and family donate generously so that € 1,200 are raised.

A great idea! But has our treasurer really turned 50? That's impossible.

October 2020 - Fair trade shop

For the tenth time we get a transfer from the world shop in Rodgau Nieder-Roden. Unfortunately for the last time, because the shop has closed.

Thank you very much to Mr. Klinkert and the team for the many years of support!

June 2020 - Interview with pupils about Munyu

David Werner completes an interview with OASA vice chairlady.

David, a former student at the Nikolaus-Kopernikus-Gymnasium in Weissenhorn keeps on working for OASA: He compiled an interview of the 6th grade students with Margit Döring.

The students asked questions about the projects in Munyu. The video shows the current situation with many pictures.

FAQ with Margit Döring from OASA

June 2020 - High school graduates donate

Giving something back to the school - under this motto, the 2019 high school graduates of the Nikolaus-Kopernikus-Gymnasium donate to various school associations. We say thank you for a donation of 1,500 €.

It is not a matter of course that former students remember Munyu after graduationg from high school. The students donate the surplus of their Abitur funds to OASA.

The pupils collected the money during their two last years at high school. In order to finance the Abitur ball they organized various events, cake sales or a stand at the local Christmas market.

Sincere thanks to all former students for their generous support!

April 2020 - Engineers without borders

After a corona-related break, the IoG Group Ulm has resumed its work with Matthias, Nadine, Annika and other members.

The contamination of the drinking water of the MMSS with coliform germs has still not been clarified. A concept for drinking water supply and wastewater disposal must be drawn up for the entire school.

The engineers also draft plans for the drinking water supply and sewage disposal for the Sheltered Workshops.

Further information can be found on the blog of the IoG Group Ulm...

Thank you for your commitment!

April 2020 - Intern edits image video

Former student of the Nikolaus Kopernikus Gymnasium in Weißenhorn brings his skills to the table.

David has produced an image video for us and put it on our homepage. Now he has dubbed the video in English and provided it with subtitles. Thanks a lot!

David wanted to do an internship in a home for street children in Kenya. But after only 5 days he had to leave the country because of Corona. His stay in Munyu also had to be canceled, too.

Too bad!

February 2020 - Grundschule Süd in Weißenhorn is active again

Elementary school pupils are interested in water supply in Africa.

Headmaster Peter Syanda and Moses Muchiri from Maria Magdalena Special School came to see the primary school in Weissenhorn. They thanked the students and the headmistress Silvia Janjanin for their commitment.

The pupils in grade 4 were enthusiastic cake bakers. They sold muffins and other small cakes to help the school in Munyu. Great!

The primary school is already planning further activities. Will there be another muffin sale soon?

We thank all children, parents and teachers!

January 2020 - Nikolaus Kopernikus Gymnasium Weissenhorn

The students and teachers of the NKG have been supporting the feeding programme since 2004. Without them there would be no food in the Academies and nurseries in Munyu and Athi. The support continues after the visit of Peter Syanda and Moses Muchiri in December 2019.

In the lessons of religious education of grade 9, Margit Döring from OASA informed the students about the current situation in Munyu - in English. Only a few technical terms had to be explained to the students.

15. November – 6. December 2019 - Visitors from Kenya

We managed to invite two important partners to Germany: Peter Syanda is the headmaster of the Maria Magdalena Special School and Sheltered Workshops. Moses Muchiri is a teacher in the Sheltered Workshops.

Peter Syanda and Moses Muchiri visited many institutions in the area around Ulm and in the Allgäu. There they could see how professionals work with persons with disabilities.

They had discussions with employees from Lebenshilfe and got information at the St. Moritz nursery and market garden. They went to see the secondary school in Marktoberdorf and the Lindenhof school in Senden.

They discussed the problems of the water supply at the Special School and at the Sheltered Workshops with the members of Engineers Without Borders. 

Peter and Moses visited the shop for fair trade in Weißenhorn. They were impressed by the work of many volunteers for fair trade.

The fair trade shop sells products from all over the world. The producers get fair prices for their goods. In a special campaign the shop sold products from the Sheltered Workshops in Munyu. The Arts and Crafts department made bags and aprons and produced nice jewelry.

Peter and Moses enjoyed a unique guided tour in the Roggenburg Monastery by Father Roman Loschinger, the head of the education center.

On the weekends they visited Marktoberdorf and the old town of Weissenhorn. They went to the bee museum and to the Christmas market in Ulm. They also climbed the tower of the Minster in Ulm with 164 meters.

Another highlight was a trip to the snow in the mountains.

October 2019 - Such a wonderfully cheerful sports event

Students from Astrid Lindgren School in Kempten are committed to helping physically disabled children in Kenya.

About 200 students of the Astrid Lindgren School and the partner classes of the elementary school Kempten Nord laced their running shoes. They had the best running weather for their sponsoring run.

During their charity run they covered a distance of 300 meters until the shoes and of course the tires of their wheelchairs smoked!

The money supports the expansion of the children's home Hope and Faith. Here, around 42 children and adolescents with physical and multiple disabilities have found a home.

The organizer Tatjana Strasser-Busch emphasizes: "Our aim is the support of the association Hope and Faith in Kenya. It is a school like ours, for children with physical disabilities. "

The pupils had a lot of fun and they are proud about the result: a donation over 6000 €.

October 2019 - Engineers without Borders in Munyu

Matthias and Nadine from the IoG Group Ulm on exploration in Kenya.

Their goal: The improvement of the water and wastewater supply in the Sheltered Workshops.

Matthias and Nadine spent three busy weeks of intensive work. They checked the current situation and took samples. Together with Hubert Senger and James Gichuru, they visited all the facilities and discussed possible improvements.

Additional issues were the MMSS biogas plant, the Ndarugu River and the public water supply, a visit to the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) and contact with potential cooperation partners.

More exciting information can be found on their blog on the IoG homepage...

Now the planning work can start. Thank you for your commitment!

October 2019 - Autumn Festival of the Montessori School Starnberg

A nice party and a proud sum!

Klaus-Peter Brünig the chairman of our association is pleased: "We got a check with 11.471,80 €! That's really incredible! "

The money was collected at a sponsoring run at Montessori School in Starnberg just before their summer holidays. The run was organized by teacher Wolfgang Donhauser.

About 250 Montessori students ran a circuit around the school building as often as they could. Sponsors paid a fixed amount per round. So they collected the five-digit sum.

Several hundred guests celebrated a nice party. "Everyone has contributed to this," says Christa Maurer from the Montessori School Public Relations Group. "That was the big Montessori family."

October 2019 - Passion Theater Group Dirgenheim donates

We sincerely thank you for the generous donation!

We were very pleased when we got a donation from the Passionsspielgruppe Dirgenheim this year. Every two or three years, passion plays take place in the small village of Dirgenheim in the Danube-Ries area. The entire income is donated to needy people. This year's play "The Unbelieving Thomas" inspired hundreds of spectators. We also could not believe it, when we received a check of several thousand euros.

Asante sana on behalf of our association and the people of Munyu.

September 2019 - Braiding braids

A successful collaboration with the Weltladen Weißenhorn.

At the big children's party in Weißenhorn the Weltladen Weissenhorn and OASA worked together for the second time:

  • A lady from Weißenhorn with Cameroon roots braided children`s hair and made a lot of girls happy.
  • The parents could find information about current projects in Munyu.
  • The visitors bought jewelry, aprons and bags. All the items had been produced in the Maria Magdalena Sheltered Workshops.

The income goes directly to the arts and crafts workshop.